Are the dash covers full dash replacements?

No, these are covers that you place on top of your original dash. They are a new skin for your original dash.

Do I have to remove my dash to install a Coverlay dash cover?

No, you do not need to remove anything. You just clean the surface of your original dash then lay over top of your damaged dash the Coverlay dash cover. Most owners can install a Coverlay dash cover in 30 minutes or less.

What do I use to attach the dash cover to my original dash? Do you supply this with the product?

We use an RTV clear silicone adhesive, that you apply to the underside of the dash cover. Yes, we will supply you with the adhesive and a set of instructions.

How do I clean my Coverlay?

Wipe down your Coverlay with an ammonia based cleaner such as Windex and a soft rag or use a mixture of mild soap and water. DO NOT USE ARMOR ALL TYPE PRODUCTS as they may soften the plastic and cause warping.

Are the door panels a cover or a replacement?

The door panels are full replacements. Most of our door panels come with all installation hardware, weather stripping, and padded armrest. Check the application information to verify.

Are the door panels sold as a set or can they be bought individually?

All of our door panels are sold as a set and cannot be bought individually.

What colors do you offer?

We have 15 different generic colors to choose from. We CANNOT guarantee an exact color match. Look for our color chart in the Gallery.

How can I get an exact color match if the generic color is not close enough?

Find an automotive paint store in your local area and request a spray can of automotive vinyl spray mixed to your specific color code. The paint store personnel can help you find the color code for your vehicle. You can then repaint the Coverlay dash cover or door panel.

How does the limited lifetime warranty work and what are the details?

Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc. warranties all of its products to be free of defects in workmanship and material. It further warranties that when properly installed our dash covers will not warp or crack for the life of the vehicle. Uninstalled products reported defective after 30 days of receipt will not be covered under warranty. Color is not covered under warranty and photos may be required to determine warranty issues. If a product failure occurs, Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc. will replace the defective product in the original color ordered. Cost of shipping replacement parts is not covered.